Research club

Research is an investigative process and it is important to be nurtured and promoted among the ORCI staff for the discoveries of scientific facts and knowledge revolving on cancer.
The world has evolved into a research driven platform and we are expected to educate ourselves and participate in research. This is regardless of one's current educational and/or professional background. At ORCI we have differing levels of exposures in the scientific process and research literacy in general. There is an appetite by lower level staff to conduct research at ORCI which can only be described as untapped potential.
For these reasons, initiation of this club is envisioned as a mentorship program that will be employee-driven to provide meaningful supplementation to regular duties involving healthcare provision at Ocean road cancer institute. Staff will be introduced to the scientific method and together the group will foster curiosity in the investigative process for data generation, analysis and dissemination.
The research club will include an intimate lesson plan that stresses on training research assistants and the importance of responsible scientific conduct from all levels of the research hierarchy. The group will therefore favorably promote professionalism, a catalyst to personal professional growth and an asset to future investigators.

Objective, Mission and Vision

To demystify research methods by creating a research ‚Äúcommunity of practice and professionalism‚ÄĚ among healthcare workers at Ocean road cancer institute.

Mission statement
To initiate, enhance, develop, and advance the research capacity of staff at ORCI through exposure to a variety of professional development events and attachment with a mentorship program spearheaded by, for and to young scientists within the organization.

Vision statement
To become an exemplary organization for pioneering research generated and developed under an outstanding climate of support and collaboration that facilitates inspiration, confidence and professionalism among all cadres of healthcare staff.