Procurement and Management Unit

The Unit was firmly established in accordance with Public Procurement Act 2011 and its Regulations 2013
The purpose of this Unit is to describe the principles and procedures, which will govern ORCI procurement without exception.  They are derived from and hence comply with the Public Procurement Act, 2011and its Regulations 2013.
The Procurement Management Unit consists of procurement and other technical specialists together with the necessary supporting and administrative staff.
The Procurement Management Unit is headed by Head of Unit who report direct to Executive Director.

Our Core Services

  • Manage all procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity except adjudication and the award of contract.
  • Support the functioning of the Tender Board.
  • Implement the decisions of the Tender Board.
  • Liaise directly with the Authority on matters within its jurisdiction.
  • Act as a secretariat to the Tender Board.
  • Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity.
  • Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures.
  • Check and prepare statements of requirements.
  • Prepare tendering documents.
  • Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities.
  • Prepare contract documents.
  • Issue approved contract documents.

The Human Capacity:
The Unit has Six qualified personnel with years of experience in Procurement and Supplies.