Health Insurance Clinic

The Health Insurance Clinic (HIC) is mandated to oversee that high quality clinical services are provided for 24 hours to all patients with HIC card attending Ocean Road Cancer Institute. The Section is tasked to make sure that medicines of high quality are dispensed to both outpatients and inpatients and there is continuous monitoring and reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADR) within the Institute, provision of high quality laboratory and radiological services. The department is made up of three sections namely: Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology section.

Clinical Services

Outpatient Clinical Services
The Unit comprises Outpatient Department (OPD) Pharmacy, Main Dispensing Pharmacy, Ocean Road Pharmacy (OCP) and Transport which runs 24 hours.

Inpatient Clinical Services
Inpatient services are provided to patients during a hospital stay. You become an inpatient once you are admitted to the hospital with a doctor’s order. When considering patient discharge, we consider number of factors to take into consideration: the patient's current state, their place of residence and the type of support available.
Chemotherapy Planning and Administration
Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which grow and divide quickly. Chemotherapy services include the administration of anti-cancer agents and supportive care drugs used to make the chemotherapy visit less uncomfortable. Chemotherapy, other anti-cancer agents and supportive care drugs may include oral medications such as pills, tablets, capsules, and liquids; slow or rapid intravenous or intra-arterial injections (IV); and injections under the skin (subcutaneous), intramuscular (into the muscle), and into the abdominal cavity (intraperitoneal infusions). Some of the oral medications include anti-hormones, most often given in cases of breast or prostate cancer. Oral chemotherapy is taken at home on a certain schedule. Intravenous medications may take as little as 5 minutes or as long as 4-8 hours to administer and are primarily given in our institute.
External Beam Radiotherapy Planning and Treatment
External beam radiation therapy is also called external radiation therapy or teletherapy. A machine directs a beam of radiation through the skin to the tumour and a small amount of normal surrounding tissue. This approach can treat larger areas of the body or more than one area, such as the tumour and nearby lymph nodes. 
External beam radiation therapy:
1. Doesn’t hurt
2. Doesn’t make the person radioactive
3. Can’t be seen, felt or smelled
Each treatment session can last 15–30 minutes because it takes times to properly position the person and set up the equipment. It usually only takes a few minutes to give the dose of radiation. Total body irradiation (TBI) sessions can last up to 30 minutes.

Other Services

Teaching of university students on Oncology clinical rotation( IMTU)
Treating patients with cancer is challenging and rewarding. The prognosis and quality of life of a good proportion of cancer patients is better than those with other chronic medical problems. Improving the quality of life for patients with incurable disease remains an important goal for oncologists, and is equally as important as cure.
Palliative care
In Palliative care we deals with improvement of quality of life of patients and their families facing problems associated with life threatening conditions, through prevention and relief of suffering, early identification and impeccable assessment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual problems.
Cancer research
Teaching sec school students projects pertaining to a cancer
The Human Capacity for NHIF Clinic:
One Clinical Epidemiologist with a PhD.
Four (4) Clinical Oncologists that have immense experience and international exposure in both radiotherapy and medical oncology.
Five (5) General practitioners that cater for the much need General Medicine care at our facility.
Thirteen (13) Registered Nurses (RN) with Oncology nursing experience.
One Pathologist with vast experience that assist in both cyto- and histo-pathology which is very crucial in cancer management.
Two (2) Laboratory Technologists.
Facilities and Equipments
Our Facilities and Equipments includes:
Simulator (mould Room Equipment)
EBRT Machines 2G units E-80& E-100
Gynaesource Machines
CS Machines
C-arm Machines