Pharmacy Services

The Ocean Road Pharmacy Section is under the Directorate of Medical Services. It is generally deal with issues related to pharmaceuticals (procurement from MSD, storage, handling and dispensing of medicines to the patients). The human resources status in this section is composed of three staff, one pharmacist and two pharmacy technicians whose main function is the promotion of rational use of medicines in collaboration with Hospital Medicines and Therapeutic Committee members.
We are health professions that links health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs specialty in cancer.

Daily Services

Pharmacy section dispenses medication to all Inpatients and Outpatients at the Institute. The team provide high quality, specialised medicines to the patients in a timely manner. Average number of prescriptions attended is 2397 per month. The category of medicines dispensed:
Category Average number of patients received medicines/year.
Repeat Dispensing
When issuing a repeatable prescription medicine, the prescriber will authorise a prescription with a specified number of issues; each issue contains the same prescribed medicines. 
Prescription Advising
Our free Prescription Advising helps you see how well you’re taking your medications as prescribed. 
Disposal of Unwanted or Out-of-Date Medicines

Advice on Treatment of Minor Conditions and Healthy Living