Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) Telemedicine is a Pan-African e-Network Project, officially started 2011.
Pan African e-Network project is an information and communication technology (ICT) project between India and the African Union  that seeks to connect the 53 member states of the Union through a satellite and fibre-optic network to India and to each other to enable access to and sharing of expertise between India and African states in the areas of tele-education, telemedicine, voice over IP, infotainment, resource mapping, meteorological services, e-governance and e-commerce services.  
The project is being implemented by the Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) which is responsible for the project's design, operational and maintenance. 

Pan African e-Network project  is often described as Africa's biggest ever in the ICT sector and is expected to extend ICT infrastructure to rural and previously underserved areas.
Continuing Medical Education is the only service we (ORCI) are receiving from the project but soon or letter we will improve and provide Medical Consultation services through telemedicine.