For many years radiotherapy department was under allied health sciences division (AHSS) which was formulated by the medical imaging section, physics section, nuclear medicine section, simulator, radiotherapy and brachytherapy units.
Fortunately in 2012 the new organization structure of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute was put into function, the new structure raised the radiotherapy unit to an independent department/section.
Radiotherapy department has been identified as the ‘heart of the institute’ for many years because it makes the Institute unique and specialized health Institute. Ocean Road Cancer Institute is the only Institute that provide radiotherapy treatment services in the country.

Our Objectives

Promote radiotherapy services of high professional quality.
Promote integrated and holistic care of patients.
Uphold human dignity of patients including those patients who are terminally ill.
Deliver optimal radiotherapy treatment to cancer patients with available resources/modalities in order to archive cure whenever possible.
Ensure the delivery of timely radiotherapy treatment that is accurate and appropriate and is provided by competent, highly trained and friendly staff.
Promote the principles and the practice of quality improvement in all departmental units including radiotherapy machines, mould room, simulator and brachytherapy.
Ensure that our team is committed to providing a comprehensive, high quality radiotherapy service to all our patients.
Radiotherapy Section has following Units:
1. Treatment Planning unit
2. Brachytherapy unit
3. Simulator and quality control unit
4. Mould room unit
5. Customer care unit

Radiotherapy Units

Treatment Planning Unit
The Unit is responsible for planning the appropriate external beam radiotherapy or internal brachytherapy treatment techniques for a patient with cancer.
Brachytherapy unit is responsible for taking care patients who requires an advanced cancer treatment.
Simulator and quality control unit
Simulation is a process carried out by radiation therapist under the supervision of radiation oncologist. It is a mockup procedure of patient treatment with radiographic documentation of the treatment portals.
Mould Room Unit
The mould room is where individual immobilisation devices hold you still during treatment. This is necessary particularly when treating the head or neck.
As part of pre-treatment planning, some patients may require a mould to be made, for example, patients requiring treatment to the head and neck region.
Customer Care Unit
The unit consist of nurses who are trained internally on how to handle patients in a good manner, support and giving them direction about radiotherapy treatment.