Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) is the only comprehensive specialized facility for cancer care in Tanzania. The Institute was established in June 1996 by an Act number 2 of the Parliament and is an independent semi-autonomous institute directly under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children. Currently, the Institute serves more than 50,000 patients that include about 28,000 cancer patients, 10,000 cancer screening patients, and 12,000 non-cancer patients. In addition, the Institute attends to over 15,000 clients in the outreach programs in the Tanzania regions.

The Institute works in partnership with the community to create and maintain an integrated, accessible, and affordable cancer health care system with quality service to improve health and well-being of its patients. ORCI offers in patients and outpatients services including laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative care services, cancer screening, and a HIV/AIDS care. The Institute serves also private patients, international (foreign) patients, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) beneficiaries and patients from other private Health Insurance Schemes.


To provide high quality cancer control services that are equitable, accessible and affordable through cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, research and training in collaboration with stakeholders.”


“To be a centre of excellence with national, regional and international reputation in cancer control.”


Integrity, Confidentiality, Collaboration/Teamwork, Empathy, Respect, Accountability and Excellence

Quality Policy Declaration:

Ocean Road Cancer Institute is implementing 5S-KAIZEN-TQM Approach with the purpose of improving working environment, quality of services, productivity at workplace, safety and wastes reduction for a health society.

Our main focus is fulfilling our internal and external client’s expectations through provision of services which are satisfactory in every conduct.

ORCI has announced to start implementation of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM Approach from January 2019 onwards.

                                                                  Quality Is Our Priority