Ocean Road cancer Institute has established and provides cancer treatment programmes in order to completely cure or significantly prolong the life of patients undergoing treatment sessions at the hospital. ORCI treatments procedures to the patients ensures the finest conceivable quality of service and care with favorably outcome, it is our main goal to increase cancer survivorship for all types and stages of cancers for patients treated at Ocean Road Cancer Institute. We recognize and adhere to the WHO standards in cancer treatment, and our treatment programmes effectively:

  1. Are provided in an equitable and sustainable way
  2. Are linked to early detection and accurate diagnosis and staging
  3. Adhere to evidence-based standards of care

Ocean Road cancer Institute treatment programmes are offered in time, ethical, with no discrimination, all patients have equitable access to effective radiotherapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs. Minimization of patient waiting time between treatment service points has been successfully with the increasing installation of state of art medical equipments and the overall availability of medicine. Cancer treatment at Ocean Road Cancer Institute is done through;

  1. Radiotherapy
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Brachytherapy
  4. Palliative care