The Academic, Research and Consultancy Unit is a service section under the Ocean Road Cancer Institute that is responsible for training undergraduate and postgraduate students on cancer management, developing and evaluating research studies by students and other interested parties, developing teaching curricula and training programs on cancer management and providing consultancy services on the above. The unit is also responsible for publishing cancer research findings and managing library services. Currently, in collaboration with MUHAS, we offer the following courses;

  1. a MMED Clinical Oncology
  2. BSC RTT

The Department has worked on developing three new training programs, and we will soon start recruiting students for the courses:

  1. A two-year MSc Oncology Nursing program for graduate nurses that has been developed with the support of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is being hosted by the MUHAS School of Nursing and supported by the University of California, San Francisco;
  2. A three-year MMed Nuclear Medicine program for medical doctors that has been developed locally with support from the IAEA; and
  3. A two-year MSc in Medical Physics program for physicists whose curriculum development is being supported by the Department of Medical Physics, University of Thessaly, Greece.

Through collaborations and exchange programs with foreign universities, both undergraduate and postgraduate students from Universities in Egypt, Malawi, Norway, the UK and the United States arrive at ORCI for clinical practicums, elective placements and/or research studies. Three staff members from the Unit have received training in clinical research through a collaborative project with UCSF. Additional clinical training sessions for nurses have been organized through visiting faculty from UCSF and the Royal Marsden Hospital, UK.