Technical Services Directorate

This directorate has three sections; Machine Maintenance, Estate Management and Information and Communication Technology with the purpose of providing expertise and services for machines maintenance, estate management and the use of information and communication technology.

Cancer Prevention Directorate

Early detection saves lives. This slogan is the model of the directorate. Under the patronage of Dr Crispin Kahesa, the director of Cancer Prevention Service since 2015. This directorate has expanded and includes four sections, namely; Objective To reduce the incidences and burden of cancer in various communities in the country:

Medical and Allied Health Science Services Directorate

This directorate operates under the Director of the Medical and Allied Health Science, has nine sections which are, Objective: To increase efficiency and effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer at the Institute

Administration and Human Resources Management Directorate

Under the leadership of Director of Human of Administration and human resource management, the directorate has three sections, which are, Administration, Human Resources Management and Public Relations and Customer care. This directorate deals with all administrative works and human resource supportive services at the Institute.

Health Insurance Clinic Unit

Health Insurance Clinic at Ocean Road Cancer Institute was established in 2013 after it was granted permission by the then Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to establish insurance and private facility which will offer general medical services to the public on cost-sharing basis.

Academic & Research Unit

The academic unit has three sections, Nuclear medicine, pathology, Training Research and consultancy. The unit will perform the following activities, to train under and postgraduate students on cancer management, develop research oriented perspective in solving cancer related problems, encountered in clinical and community practices as well as cancer control strategies,

Internal Audit Unit

This unit has two sections, Information System Audit and Financial and Operations Audit and has been objectively established to provide assurance and advisory services to the Accounting Officer in the proper management of Resources. The Internal Audit functions entails in giving assurance on risk management, control processes and governance processes,

Finance and Accounts Unit

The financial matters of ORCI are governed by the Public Finance Act, 2002 and international financial best practices This unit has three sections, Payroll Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting, the Finance unit is headed by the chief accountant. The objective of the unit is to provide financial management

Planning Unit

Responsible with preparation of budget of the Institute and monitoring the implementation of activities as stipulated by the strategic plan. The unit has two sections, Planning Section and Resources Advocacy and Mobilization Section. The unit performs the following functions: -

Legal Services Unit

The unit is led by a principal legal officer and performs the following functions. Objective to provide legal expertise and services to the Institute

Procurement and Management Unit

he Procurement Management Unit (PMU) was established in accordance with the Public Procurement Act Cap 410. In order to comply with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act and its related Regulations, members of the Tender Board, Staff of the Procurement Management Unit attend various training courses being