Administration and Human Resources Management Directorate

Under the leadership of Director of Human of Administration and human resource management, the directorate has three sections, which are, Administration, Human Resources Management and Public Relations and Customer care. This directorate deals with all administrative works and human resource supportive services at the Institute. The directorate objective is to provide expertise and services on human resources management, administration and public relation and customer care to the Institute. The directorate perform the following overall functions:

  1. To provide strategic inputs on administration and human resource management issues such as recruitment,
  2. human resource development and training, promotion, discipline, retention, motivation performance management and welfare;  
  3. to develop and administer human resources development plans; to provide a link between the ORCI and the president’s office public service management on operationalization of the public service management and employment policy and relevant public service legislations;
  4. to provide data support and up-date records on various human resources information; to build Institute image to the public;
  5. to provide all management services and organization development; to process terminal benefits and leave; and to review the organization structure as per set strategic plan, directives and changes in business approaches.