This Section is responsible for the following activities; –

  1. Coordinate staff recruitments, selections, placements, confirmations, promotions and transfers for the Institute;
  2. Carry out human resources planning to determine supply and demand for professionals under the Institute;
  3. Administer salaries and process payrolls;
  4. Coordinate implementation of Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS), assess the appraisal results and prepare implementation reports;
  5. Process and update records of various leave of absence;
  6. Prepare and administer employee’s benefits (pension, allowance etc) and entitlements;
  7. Prepare Annual Personnel Emolument Estimates;
  8. Prepare and facilitate implementation of succession plans;
  9. Facilitate orientation/induction programs for new entrants in the services;
  10. Coordinate preparation of training and development programs (professional development, performance improvement, pre-retirement, part-time, and overseas for the Institute; and
  11. Carry out impact assessment of the training and development programs and prepare assessment reports.