Clinical oncology section

Clinical oncology section is working to strengthen advance and quality cancer treatment at Ocean Road Cancer Institute. The section is hugely involved in provision of quality services for in-patients and outpatients. The section is guided by the values and ethical standards in ensuring patients are treated with outmost respect. With 10 specialized oncologists, the section attends to over 50,000 cancer patients and 30,000 non cancer patients yearly.

Oncologist works in giving consultations, major ward rounds, prescribing medicine, radiotherapy treatment planning and in counselling patients.

Currently the Institute has an in-patient capacity of not less than 270 beds. The number of out-patients attended per day is estimated to be about 250 patients on a heavy clinic day and about 200 patients on a light clinic day.

The section has a total of ten (10) cancer specialists who are divided for convenience purposes into three distinct firms. Firm I (Breast Cancer and Leukemia), FIRM II (GI, GU and some Gynecological Cancers) and FIRM III (Head and Neck, Lymphomas and Skin Cancers).

Each Firm has three specialists with exception of firm II which currently has four. All specialists work five days a week (Monday – Friday). On Saturdays and Sundays only one specialist on duty attends the patients in need of specialized consultation.

Each firm has at least three days of out-patient clinics in a week where new patients and those on treatment with different concerns are seen by specialists. Also, patients who have completed their treatment and are on follow up schemes are seen and evaluated for further care and investigations during these clinic days.

Every day in a week specialist, conduct service ward rounds for in patients. On Fridays and one additional weekday each firm carries out a comprehensive major ward round lead by specialists of the corresponding firm.

In a week a specific day is allocated for each firm to do simulation for patients requiring treatment by the 2D Co-60 machines where a specialist of the responsible firm will lead the conventional simulator team to complete the list of patients for the day’s appointment.

A specialist is required during each CT simulation done to patients requiring Radiotherapy treatment by the 3D machines. Also, it is compulsory the specialist’s expertise on contouring and approval of planning and treatment before initiation of any 3D radiation therapy.

In addition, each specialist is responsible for a full course of chemotherapy given to his or her patients. He or she will investigate assess and approve the patient before calculating and prescribing the appropriate regimen of the cytotoxic therapy. Also managing of any side effects during reaction clinics throughout treatment time.

The hospital being a teaching institution requires all specialists routinely to provide clinical teaching and guidance to junior doctors and medical students. Also, through the newly founded Research club the specialists together with other medical staff members spearhead different researches for the club and the Institute as a whole.

Each specialist in addition to being at work every weekday of the week has a compulsory 7-day On-duty week, where he or she will be a second on call for the whole institute roughly every 9th week.

Every specialist among other services do routinely provides counseling sessions to patients and relatives concerning matters of cancer as he or she plans treatment for these patients.

In a summarized form the major duties of a specialist at Ocean Road Cancer institute can be listed as follows:

Conducting Out-patient Clinics

•        New and Follow up cases

Perform Daily service ward rounds

•        All admitted patients with serious concerns

Carry out weekly Major ward rounds

•        All admitted patients

Planning of Full courses of chemotherapy

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Clinical assessment & interpretation of results
  • Dose calculation & Prescription
  • Prevention of anticipated effects & management of side effect
  • Follow up scheme

Planning of Full courses of Radiotherapy (2D machines)

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Clinical assessment & interpretation of results
  • Conventional simulation
  • Dose calculation & Prescription
  • Mid treatment review and evaluation
  • Follow up scheme

Planning of Full course of Radiotherapy (3D machines)

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Clinical assessment and result interpretations
  • CT simulation
  • Contouring
  • Plan approval and second check of approved plans
  • Treatment approval
  • Mid-treatment review and evaluation
  • Follow up scheme

Teaching of junior doctors, medical students and other medical staff

Conducting of Clinical Research

Overall activities of the section are;

  1. Prepare treatment plan for cancer patients;
  2. Undertake ward rounds, outpatient clinics, specialized clinics and emergency clinical procedures;
  3. Advise the tumor board meetings on management of cancer patients;
  4. Scrutinize and provide technical advice of cancer patients for referral abroad and/or retirement on medical ground;
  5. Undertake cancer research activities and produce reports; and
  6. Supervise and coordinate radiation oncology, medical oncology and pediatric oncology services.