Finance and Accounts Unit

The financial matters of ORCI are governed by the Public Finance Act, 2002 and international financial best practices This unit has three sections, Payroll Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting, the Finance unit is headed by the chief accountant. The objective of the unit is to provide financial management and book-keeping services for the Institute.  this unit performs the following activities: –

  1. To prepare payment for salaries including statutory deductions,
  2. To prepare and administer terminal benefits and related payment,
  3. To maintain financial records, to manage all institute bank accounts,
  4. To prepare monthly financial report, to batch paid vouchers,
  5. To record/ reconcile all imprest issued,
  6. To prepare and effect all authorized payments,
  7. To manage the revenue according to regulations and guidelines,
  8. To reconcile bank accounts, to monitor allocations and expenditure
  9. To prepare final accounts and other financial statements.