Health Insurance Clinic Unit

Health Insurance Clinic at Ocean Road Cancer Institute was established in 2013 after it was granted permission by the then Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to establish insurance and private facility which will offer general medical services to the public on cost-sharing basis.

The Health Insurance Clinic-HIC was established to ensure that general community with health insurance schemes receives high quality-health care in integrated manner. The Institute has been from the commencement of the operation focusing in stabilizing the insurance and private practice in terms of safety, quality and finance.

The Health Insurance Clinic provides medical consultation, screening, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care services for non-cancer and cancer patients who prefer fast track. The clinic is designed to provide health care services in variety of setting; outpatient for non-cancer and cancer patients, inpatient and outreach services for cancer patients.

HIC has been receiving patients from other African countries because of its quality and affordable oncology service. We cordially welcome clients from all over Africa and in the world to HIC in order to profit from the quality services we are offering.

We have installed new state of the art radiotherapy machines (Linear Accelerator), which give best results in terms of treatment outcomes. We also have a wide range of internationally accepted medicines from cancer to non-cancer. Our patients receive their chemo treatment using latest technology of infusion pumps and in serene environment.

In-patients have been catered with special private rooms to cater for patient’s needs, combined with caring staffs and trained doctors make patients stay at hospital comfortable

Establishment of the Clinic has brought tremendously success in revenue generation, this is because, a significant number of ORCI clients are members of various health insurance schemes contracted with ORCI. The clinic also serves the foreigners from various African countries. The available insurance companies so far are, NHIF, Strategy insurance, AAR insurance, Jubilee insurance, resolution insurance, Puma energy and WCF. The increase in internal revenue for ORCI is evidently a tale of how efficient the clinic is performing. The Clinic has substantially aided the institute to raise internal revenue and increase the medicine accessibility.


To be the best practitioner in offering excellent medical care to the patients through cost sharing scheme.


To provide quality holistic health care to the general public, in a cost sharing manner delivered for the achievement of improved health status. In recognition to this commitment, we strive to deliver high quality, cost effective comprehensive health care in the communities we serve.


  1. To enhance the capability for increasing ORCI revenue
  2. To serve and improve the health status of the clients
  3. To comprehensive offer quality treatment and diagnostic services
  4. To Maximize the use of resources in efficient and effective manner

HIC Services:

  • Prevention: Education, several cancer screening and vaccination
  • Diagnostic: Laboratory, Nuclear medicine, Radiology and Imaging and pathology
  • Treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Palliative care