Information Communication Technology

The importance of ICT in development efforts of the health sector is evidently everywhere in the globe. ORCI has welcomed the changes and embraced the ICT development shift which requires a well-developed technology investment plan and intelligent deployment and maintenance management.

ORCI has realized the value of ICT investment, has ensured that ICT is deployed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in internal and external services delivery. a comprehensive framework to establish ICT Policy and operationalize the concepts to provide appropriate directives to harness ICT, has been put in place and this has made possible the achievement of ORCI’s objectives as stipulated in the Institute strategic plan.

Establishment of Health Information management system (HIMS) nicknamed INAYA for ORCI is a massive accomplishment, works from each department have been coded into a system, which follows a patient from an entry point to their exit. Operational modules from doctor to patient model, budget, financial to human resource management and procurement methods have been developed and fully operational. The system integrates with medical equipment mother system like ORIS and the results is incredible. Diagnostic images can be shared to the clinician within second and reduction of patient waiting for results in different service points is minimal.

The ICT section work to ensure that the ICT infrastructure and capacity are utilized effectively and are in alignment with the ORCI’s strategic objectives, National ICT Policy, National e-Government Strategy and the e-Government Standards and Guidelines.

The objectives of ICT Section in ICT Service Management are:

  1. To improve internal and external stakeholders’ satisfaction.
  2. To assist in defining meaningful metrics to measure service results and using the metrics to drive continuous service improvement.
  3. To enable the monitoring and improvement of service quality through the effective application of processes.
  4. To ensure compliance with all e-Government Standards and Guidelines relating to the ICT Service Management.

This Section will perform the following activities: –

  1. Develop and coordinate Integrated Management Information System for the Institute;
  2. Maintain hardware and software;
  3. Coordinate and provide support on procurement of software and hardware in the Institute;
  4. Design, develop and implement controls to ensure protection, integrity and availability of information;
  5. Provide technical support on the use of ICT facilities;
  6. Establish and Coordinate use of Electronic mail communications on LAN and WAN;
  7. Carryout studies and propose areas of using ICT as an instrument to improve service delivery to the whole Institute; and
  8. Administer information systems, Data Base, and development of network infrastructure.