Laboratory section

Diagnostic services at Ocean Road are progressing with time, advanced diagnostic tools are available and now all essential cancer diagnosis are performed at ORCI labs and pathology sub-unit.

We work to serve our clients for 24 hours, with a day shift starting at 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and then a night shift starts at 8:00 pm to 8:00 am


  1. To participate in EQA schemes and to achieve 100% for all registered tests.
  2. To ensure that 90% of all customer’s results are released within the established laboratory turnaround times.
  3. To achieve 3 stars of WHO – SLIPTA checklist by May 2020

There are two laboratories available at ORCI, one located at the block A and another in block D which operates under the NHIF clinic wing.

The diagnosis performed under the section includes;

  • Tumor markers,
  • Female & Male hormones,
  • Liver Function Tests,
  • Renal Function Tests,
  • Lipid Profile,
  • Electrolytes,
  • FBP/CBC,
  • Hepatitis Panel and
  • all Parasitology Tests and Serology Tests,
  • Blood Group & Cross – matching.

Overall responsibilities of the section are: –

  1. Collect, examine and analyse cells, tissues and body fluid samples;
  2. Collect, group and match blood for transfusions;
  3. Maintain laboratory equipment and ensure laboratory is stocked with necessary instruments;
  4. Manage mortuary activities;
  5. Keep records and stock of all laboratory reagents needed and used by the Institute; and
  6. Keep and store sample’s data for research and development.