Machine Maintenance

With ever increasing deployment of advance technology medical equipment and hospital machinery infrastructure, machine maintenance section has unique demand to operate at Ocean Road Cancer Institute as the first responders, who are responsible to maintain and manage the operation of the machinery infrastructures available at Ocean Road Cancer Institute.

Medical Equipment, diagnostic equipments, machines, elevators, buildings and other service facilities are subject to depreciation and deterioration due to their frequent and routine usage and exposure to the environmental conditions. Preventable maintenance is of paramount importance. If this process of deterioration is not checked, it may render them unserviceable. It is, therefore, necessary to attend to them from time to time, to repair and recondition them to enhance their lifecycle.

The section has only been established after new organizational structure and scheme of service came in operation in 2014. The section has exceptional importance in making sure that there is no delay in achieving quality treatment service to the patients and that waiting time is reduced to minimal level.

The section has three staff and led by Engineer Reginald Matola, who is the manager of the section

This Section performs the following activities; –

  1. Provide technical support on procurement of new equipment;
  2. Undertake installation of medical and non -medical machines;
  3. Keep stock of relevant user and service manuals of equipment;
  4. Develop and implement maintenance schedule of machines and equipment;
  5. Perform preventive maintenance services of medical and non – medical equipment; and
  6. Perform Diagnose and repair fault therapeutic and other machines.