Medical Physics Section

The Section strives to ensure that ORCI is capable to efficient provide safe and effective use of radiation medicine. The section enhances quality assurance and quality improvement practices in radiation oncology and imaging, supports the establishment of best practices in clinical medical physics and helps the Institute to be consistency in radiation dosimetry as per IAEA standard.

The focus of the Section’s activities is on clinical medical physics. It works on standardizing and harmonizing radiation dosimetry and provides, through its dosimetry specialist, a variety of dosimetry services. The Section also supports education and training of clinical medical physicists and of staff working in dosimetry standards.

This Section is responsible for the following activities: –

  1. Develop treatment plan to patients;
  2. Calculate dose to be delivered by radiotherapy equipment;
  3. Undertake patient chart checks and dose verification;
  4. Develop and oversee implementation of quality assurance procedures and programs for therapy and related equipment;
  5. Conduct Mould room activities including fabrication of shielding blocks and fixations;
  6. Advise on procurement for radiotherapy equipment; and
  7. Advise and report on equipment’s performance and routines maintenance.