Nursing Section

Provision of nursing services at Ocean Road Cancer Institute in caring the patients under treatment of varieties of cancer and non-cancer is professionally and ethically adhered to manage and reduce the pain associated with cancer.

Nursing staff are well trained and serves each patient with dignity. The outmost obligation of the section is to manage the provision of excellent nursing care services to the patients attending the hospital clinics and guarantee hospitalized (inpatients) patients’ basic needs are met.

Nurses will ensure patients are getting treatments accordingly, provision of public health education to the clients attending OPD and cancer screening clinics, provision of counselling services and prevention of complications and infection.

Nursing care services adhere in following the nursing methodologies which includes assessment of the patients, establishing nursing diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation and nursing model.

Number of nurses at ORCI has increased yearly and we operate in two shifts to make sure the patients are well served all the time.  Nursing services for outpatient includes care for patients while taking chemotherapy, brachytherapy, and while receiving radiotherapy, whereas care services for inpatients involves all nursing care for hospitalized patients in the Institute wards. The Section is led by a Manager and performs the following activities: –

  1. Caring for patients diagnosed with cancer
  2. Caring for non-cancer patients attending screening and OPD clinics
  3. Provide information and counseling to both patients and relatives;
  4. Provide nursing care to patients in clinics and wards as prescribed by doctors;
  5. Conduct on job training to nursing students and junior staff;
  6. Assess needs of patients and assist accordingly;
  7. Coordinate patient/client activities with other health care team members; and
  8. Manage disinfection and waste disposal material.