Palliative Care Section

Palliative care is the care given to improve the quality of life of patients who have a serious or life-threatening disease such as cancer.

Palliative care is an approach to care that addresses the person as whole, not just their disease. The goal is to help everyone affected by cancer diagnosis to achieve the best quality of life.

Palliative care section strives to ensure patients are provided with the quality services regardless of the cancer stage. Currently Ocean Road Cancer Institute provides hospital base palliative care and home-based palliative care. This Section is responsible for the following activities: –

  1. Coordinate care of terminally ill patient and the clinical/nursing/ social services;
  2. Assess pain and other distressing symptoms
  3. Prepare and administer mechanism to alleviate/comfort patients when are in distress or in pain at the hospital and at their home;
  4. Counsel patients and relative on natural course of the illness and the mitigating effects of all therapies;
  5. Conduct research on palliative care; and
  6. Provide training to health care workers on palliative care.