Pathology subunit is located at Block A and has 4 main working units namely Histopathology, Cytology, Research Laboratory and Mortuary. The subunit currently has 2 pathologists, 1 Molecular Biology Scientist, 1 Medical doctor (Research Coordinator), 1 Laboratory Technologist, 1 Histotechnologist and 3 Mortuary Attendants.

The pathology subunit plays a vital role in ensuring high quality, consistent and timely services are offered to clients/patients within Ocean Road Cancer Institute and those referred from other hospitals within and outside the country. The unit operates from 08.00am – 04.00pm during working days.

Services offered include: –

  1. Cervical Pap Smear analysis
  2. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)
  3. Fluid Cytology
  4. Routine Histopathology
  5. Immunohistochemistry- for Kaposi Sarcoma
  6. Molecular studies
  7. Storage of Dead bodies
  8. Embalming Dead bodies
  9. Participation in Research Projects
  10. Teaching and supervising students

Services to start soon will include: –

  1. Immunohistochemistry studies – additional panels
  2. Seminal Fluid analysis for Infertility
  3. Special stains
  4. Postmortem examination of dead bodies

Available equipment: –

The unit has a wide range of modern equipment includes;

  1.    2 Tissue Grossing Stations,
  2.   Automated Tissue Processing Machine,
  3.   Automated Rotary Microtome,
  4.   2 Automatic Tissue Staining machines,
  5.   2 Laboratory Incubators,
  6.   Hot Plate,
  7.   Embedding Console system,
  8.   Wax dispenser,
  9.   Tissue Water bath,
  10. 3 Microscopes,
  11. Flow Cytometer,
  12. Illuminator,
  13. PCR machine,
  14. Carbon dioxide Incubator,
  15. 2 Biosafety cabinets,
  16. Shakers,
  17. 2 Refrigerators,
  18. 4 Ultra Low temperature Freezers and
  19. Mortuary Refrigerator with a capacity of 4 bodies.  A plan to procure modern Mortuary Refrigerator with a capacity to preserve 12 bodies is in place

Ongoing Research studies

Ocean Road Cancer Institute is collaborating with various international institutes including University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL). Under this collaboration there are ongoing studies where the Pathology sub-unit is involved in performing the Laboratory work.

  1. Antibody responses on KS treatment.
  2. Human Papilloma virus genotyping distribution.
  3. Use of Molecular Diagnostic techniques to improve KS diagnosis in sub-Saharan Africa.