Public Relations and Customer care

This Section is responsible for the following activities: –

  1. Provide advice to the Institute on matters related to public relations and customer care;
  2. keep the public informed about the activities of the institute;
  3. Plan, develop and implement public relation strategies;
  4. Liaise with and answer enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations;
  5. Write and edit in-house magazines, case studies, speeches and articles;
  6. Prepare and supervise the production of publicity brochures, handouts, fliers, booklets, posters, newspapers, banners and direct mail;
  7. Create an enabling atmosphere for cancers publicity;
  8. Develop and implement strategies and guidelines for handling customers;
  9. Coordinate press briefings for the Institute;
  10. Handle customer complaints and queries;
  11. Engage in dialogue with the public as well as media on issues concerning the Institute; and
  12. Up-date ORCI information in the website.