Radiotherapy technology section

More than half of cancer patients at Ocean Road Cancer Institute require Radiotherapy for the treatment of their disease. The radiotherapy technology section has the overall responsibility for the planning and delivery of both external beam radiotherapy as well as brachytherapy.

Equipment available:

  • CT Simulator
  • Conventional Simulator
  • 2 Cobalt-60 units
  • 2 Linear accelerators
  • 2 HRD brachytherapy units and 2 C-Arm X-ray units

Overall responsibilities of the section

  • To prepare treatment plans for patients before the start of their radiotherapy treatment
  • Delivery of planned courses of radiotherapy
  • Assessment and monitoring of patients undergoing radiotherapy to check for unusual reactions to treatment
  • Educating patients, relatives, and public about radiotherapy as a modality of cancer treatment
  • Creating and keeping detailed records of patient’s radiotherapy treatment
  • Ensuring safety to patients, relatives, and other staffs during delivery of radiotherapy