Radiology and Imaging section

This section provides radiology and imaging services to prescribed patients. The Section endeavors to guarantee availability of all radiological supplies and reagents so as radiological investigations are carried out as requested by clinicians. The section is served by highly qualified radiologists and radiographers and operates 24 hours a day.

Radiology and Imaging section is endowed with highly classy machines including;

  • Digital X ray,
  • Mammography machine,
  • Ultrasound machines and
  • CT Scan machine.

All radiological investigations are performed and reported immediately through Inaya medical database. Overall responsibilities and functions of the section are:

  1. Scan and interpret medical images such as radiographs, CT scans, nuclear medicine scans, magnetic resonance image (MRI), mammograms and sonograms;
  2. Develop and oversee implementation of quality assurance procedures and programmes for radiology and related equipment;
  3. Maintain equipment and ensure the Section is furnished with necessary supplies and instruments;
  4. Collect, compile and collate reports on data, inventory, diagnostic procedures and quality assurance; and
  5. Maintain register of patient examinations in radiology and imaging machines.